When developing ONLINE MARKETING Strategy, we’ve defined quantity of steps although some of these are detailed as:

The Madagascar SEO Expert is given the task of helping you develop your strategy and plainly knows your business objectives and composition and will be able to find out your market and other variables to produce a strategic campaign plan for marketing your brand online.

Considerable market research is conducted for you regarding consumer intent for organic long tail keywords using google search engines in the specific national area, for example, Google.com, Google.ca and Google – South Africa

What competition are you ranking against and their keywords presently being used.

Developing unique keywords for specific business niche areas and categories.

International uniquness on an national comparison level.

Best Rated ARTICLE WRITING for your company website.

A, PPT or PDF Guide determining corporate and business guide to help with building and maintaining your company’s style and individuality in your online persona.

Quality written articles from top writers for quality backlinks.